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Soundtrack tracklist – maybe?

Posted by Michael Warren on March 18, 2009

More stuff from TrekBBS. An eagle-eyed poster at the German Trek new site apparently spotted a track list for the new movie soundtrack on (which subsequently vanished…). I don’t know if it’s true or not, and no official word has come (yet) from Paramount regarding the soundtrack release. Anyway, the tracklist, running times, and some of my comments are below the cut.

SPOILERS, naturally.

01. Opening Credits/Star Trek Theme (03:53)
02. Prelude/Requiem for The Kelvin (06:13)
03. “New Directions” (01:41)
04. Growing Up Kirk (04:18)
05. “Half-Human!” (02:50)
06. “You Dare Me”/Destiny (03:37)
07. Academia (03:24)
08. Kobayashi Maru/Fear, Logic & Death (05:16)
09. Graduation & Assignments (05:01)
10. NCC-1701 (02:27)
11. Distress Call (01:15)
12. The Narada/Nero’s Refrain (03:09)
13. Incident at Vulcan (06:33)
14. Drill-Diving & Swashbuckling (07:23)
15. “Live Long & Prosper” (03:50)
16. “Beam Me Up… What’s Your Name Again?” (00:57)
17. Bridge Battle/A New Captain (03:35)
18. “Set A Course for Earth” (01:04)
19. Losing Control (02:07)
20. Another Life/“Call Me Jim” (04:41)
21. Reckoning or Redemption/Lament for Nero (05:19)
22. A New Day, A Second Chance (02:40)
23. “Fascinating”/A Five Year Mission (6:25)
24. “Space, the Final Frontier…”/Closing Suite (10:16)

Total running time: 100:54

Now, that running time is larger than a single disc release can hold (CDs can manage about 80 minutes) – so, the “fake” thing has one thing in its corner. Although… it could be a two-disc release, which would be a first for an official Trek soundtrack (the bootleg/”expanded” editions are usually two disc). It seems odd that a fake would have specific track running times. If it is a fake, though, the track names are incredibly good. 

I really hope this is the real thing.


One Response to “Soundtrack tracklist – maybe?”

  1. Mirandafave said

    Oh that does give an idea of the story – as such. I agree with you that it does look good, although a shame that the Trailer music [Two Steps from Hell: Freedom Fighters]isn’t on it as I love that piece of music.

    My favourite title though has to be: ‘Beam me up … what’s your name again?’ Is that Scotty Kirk is asking? So close to the cult line that never was said. I do hope they don’t say it in the movie. That would be blasphemy!

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