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Review – Greater Than The Sum

Posted by Michael Warren on August 4, 2008

The “TNG relaunch” – the series of books designed to restart the adventures of the Enterprise-E crew after the events of Star Trek Nemesis – has been a bit of a mixed bag. Of the four novels released before now, only Keith DeCandido’s Q&A has been enjoyable. Indeed, the last of the four, Before Dishonor, has distinguished itself as being one of the few Trek books I found myself wanting to stop reading before the end (other novels to have engendered such a reaction have included Engines of Destiny and Triangle). Poorly written, overindulgent, with juvenile humour and character assassination abounding, it didn’t bode too well for the future of the storyline, especially with the Star Trek: Destiny trilogy on the horizon. The next novel had a lot riding on it.

Fortunately, that novel, following on from these events and leading us into the assault that is Destiny, is written by Christopher L. Bennett, one of my favourite Trek writers. Bennett looks beyond the basic plot to delve into real science, grounding the universe of Star Trek in the theoretical framework of the one we live in today. That’s not to say his stories lack the human touch, though. His characters stand out from the page as fully fleshed-out creations. And in Greater Than the Sum, we get more of the same.

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