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Review – Back to Earth, part 3

Posted by Michael Warren on April 12, 2009

Yeah, I couldn’t think of a memorable quote to use… tells you a little bit about the review.

Having considered through the making of (which definitely felt far too short), I’m more at ease with part 3 than the immediate reaction I had.

It is something more of a mixed bag, this one. Some good moments, some weak moments. The fakeout with the chase sequence was fun, and there were some good character moments, particularly for Craig (both as Lister, and as himself). The Kabin scene and Kryten’s “interrogation” were a big minus, though, and almost spoiled the rest of the episode for me.

I felt a bit too lost with the Blade Runner references – last night, I enjoyed them without knowing what they were; tonight, knowing that they’re Blade Runner references, it feels rather different. The fact that I was told that there were references actually impacted how I saw them in this part.

The ending seemed a little bit too pat (oh, it was the despair squid, oh, Lister’s staying for Kochanski, oh, Lister’s going back, oh, everything back the way it was), but I’m still, overall, quite pleased with the episode. There were some good moments of humour, some good moments of pathos and emotion, and it didn’t quite disappear up its own arse, as I might have feared.

The writing out of Katerina in part two seems even more abrupt and silly after all three, though.

But, they kept the secret of Chloe Annett’s appearance incredibly well, considering the press interest in the series, and the extensive pre-release publicity. And that resulted in a genuine surprise which I really enjoyed.

I look forward to the DVD release, and hope we get to see Back to Earth in a feature-length form there.

As I mentioned above, the making of that followed was good, although rather too short (we’ve been a bit spoiled by the documentaries on the DVDs – this really needed to be 90 minutes long!).


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