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A little rarity…

Posted by Michael Warren on February 14, 2009

As I was browsing through the Star Trek Magazine Archives (preview; review), I discovered something I’d been trying to get my hands on for quite some time.

When Season 4 of Deep Space Nine premiered on video, a special piece of artwork was commissioned for “The Way of the Warrior“. This artwork appeared on the cover and inside gatefold of CIC Video‘s volume 4.1. It was also used to advertise the new release. A little while back, I wanted to try and track the artwork down. I knew there was a copy of it on the back cover of one of the older Star Trek Monthly issues, but, as I have mentioned previously, those are currently several hundred miles away.

Of course, with the new CD-ROM archive, that was no longer the case. And I was delighted when I discovered that the archives included the back covers as well as the main content. And that the issue I was looking for was in the first volume.

So, I present to you a little gem – the promotional artwork for “The Way of the Warrior”, as printed on the back cover of Star Trek Monthly issue 12:



One of the things I would really like to know is who actually drew the image, and whether it was used to promote the episode in the States.

I have also made two wallpaper-sized versions for you to download and enjoy!



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Review – “What immortal hand or eye…?”

Posted by Michael Warren on July 12, 2008

Kira... or is it Iliana?

Writing your first Star Trek novel must be a daunting experience. But when that first novel is the eagerly-anticipated continuation of one of Pocket Books’ most successful ranges in the current era, a novel fans have been expecting for a number of years, that takes on a whole new dimension of daunting.

Olivia Woods has this problem, with the latest installment of the Deep Space Nine relaunch, Fearful Symmetry. It’s been two years since the last relaunch novel, Warpath, saw a hectic, weaving plot with a detailed story arc in continual motion, ending on a cliffhanger which promised an intriguing story to come. And this continuation has already seen an author change, and an extra year’s delay. Not the best scenario to be entering into.

Spoilers within…

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