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Extract of Destiny!

Posted by Michael Warren on August 19, 2008

Yes, I’m going to milk this “…of Destiny” thing for as long as possible…

An extract from the first Star Trek: Destiny novel, Gods of Night, has been released by Pocket Books. You can read it at the Pocket Books website, or at

I haven’t read it yet – I’m doing my best to resist and wait for the novel itself, which should be out in one month’s time (Kobayashi Maru, the September release, has just started showing up for purchase online – my copy is on its way as we speak…).

Another extract (or possibly the same one) will be in the next issue of Star Trek Magazine (140/US #13, out this week in the US, and 18th September in the UK), with an introduction from author David Mack. An extract from the third volume, Mere Mortals, will be released with issue 141 in late October/early November.


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