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Posted by Michael Warren on February 16, 2009

Empire Online has been doing these poster mashups for a few weeks now. This week, it was the turn of Star Trek. Most of them were utter rubbish – but the winner was absolutely fantastic.

I give you… SCOT*E!



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Review – “Computer, define ‘dancing’.”

Posted by Michael Warren on August 9, 2008

The most eagerly-awaited (by me) movie of the summer has arrived.

No. It’s not The Dark Knight.

It’s WALL-E. Yes, I know you ‘Muricans got to see it weeks ago, but over here in the backwoods of the United Kingdom of… yadda-yadda-yadda…, it wasn’t released until mid-July. And yours truly was at one of the first showings. So, I review it. As is my right.

Spoilers within.

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