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Majel Barrett-Roddenberry – In Memoriam

Posted by Michael Warren on December 19, 2008

Not surprisingly, the news from the Star Trek universe is dominated today by the passing of Majel Barrett-Roddenberry, best known as the widow of Gene Roddenberry and the actress who portrayed the characters of  Number One, Christine Chapel, Lwaxana Troi, and the Starfleet computer. It was only a week ago that it was announced that she would reprise her role as the Enterprise computer in Star Trek next year.

Her death is a huge loss to the science fiction community, and condolences go to her friends and family.


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Review – “Do Not Close Your Eyes”

Posted by Michael Warren on December 6, 2008

It has been said that history moves with the speed of a bullet…

The first issue of IDW Publishing’s latest Star Trek comic series came out two weeks ago. Falling under the Myriad Universes banner of alternate history stories, Star Trek: The Last Generation sees a devastated Earth under Klingon rule, after a single person in the wrong place at the wrong time leads history to take a decidedly different course.

So, how was it? Find out inside…

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Restructuring at the home of Trek Lit…

Posted by Michael Warren on December 5, 2008

So, I was hoping that the recommencement of this blog would result in happy news out of the gate – but, sadly, it seems not to be so.

Yesterday, it was announced that Simon & Schuster, they who own Pocket Books, the imprint that is responsible for the Star Trek novels, were laying off 35 members of staff. In the current economic situation, that isn’t terribly surprising. What was surprising was that amongst those being laid off was Marco Palmieri, senior editor of the media tie-in ranges in general, and Trek in particular.

Now, this to me is a huge blow – Marco was responsible for much of the innovative work coming out of Trek lit in the last few years: the Deep Space Nine relaunch, Titan, Vanguard, all were his responsibility, as were a large majority of the other Trek works, including the Myriad Universes series which I have expounded on in great detail in this very blog. He was the driving force that drove Trek lit to where it is today – innovative, powerful, risk-taking. I hope – well, in fact, I’m sure – that Margaret Clark, who now takes responsibility for the entire Trek line, and the authors will continue in this vein for some time to come.

Of course, principal concern in all of this is for Marco and his family. Being made redundant at any time is a pretty crappy experience – at Christmas is just nasty. Best wishes to him and to his, and a speedy return to employment.

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Dusting off and catching up…

Posted by Michael Warren on December 2, 2008

I doubt anybody’s still checking back on this place, but… here goes.

Yes, I have returned. Sort of. Sorry for the exceptionally long hiatus – even I wasn’t planning on it running this long.

And, I’ve missed a ton of stuff. Well, I haven’t missed it, but I haven’t commented on it. Things like: the new Enterprise, the new trailer, Gods of Night, Mere Mortals, David Tennant’s departure from Doctor Who, new Red Dwarf on the horizon. So, I may have to reach back and bring forth those things, and others, for comment (better late than never, hey?)

But, to start off with, I give you the cover for Scott Pilgrim vs. the Universe. Image via The Beat.

Scott Pilgrim volum 5 cover

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