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More soundtrack stuff [UPDATE: Not official]

Posted by Michael Warren on April 6, 2009

Sorry for the lack of posting lately. Work has been extremely busy, and has prevented me from writing anything meaningful outside of it.

Anyway, today I discovered that the page for the Star Trek soundtrack at UK retailer has a copy of the cover, and what looks to be the proper track list. Read more behind the cut.

UPDATE: It turns out that none of this is official. Hopefully, that means “completely wrong”. The cover is “definitely not” the official cover.

FURTHER UPDATE: Only the cover is wrong.

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Soundtrack tracklist – maybe?

Posted by Michael Warren on March 18, 2009

More stuff from TrekBBS. An eagle-eyed poster at the German Trek new site apparently spotted a track list for the new movie soundtrack on (which subsequently vanished…). I don’t know if it’s true or not, and no official word has come (yet)¬†from Paramount regarding the soundtrack release. Anyway, the tracklist, running times, and some of my comments are below the cut.

SPOILERS, naturally.

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