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Another new cover – and this one’s even real!

Posted by Michael Warren on March 5, 2009

So, as the release date gets closer, more and more snippets of news on the new Star Trek film are emerging.

Today, we got the front and back covers of the novelization (announcement discussed here), which include a blurb that has piqued my interest still further for this film.

So, SPOILER WARNING for the image below (click to enlarge).


There’s a lot more emphasis on the title than on the version I made, but that’s probably for the best in terms of shelf visibility.


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The Typhon Pact covers!

Posted by Michael Warren on March 2, 2009

Well, no, not really. Sorry. Just more of my Photoshop messing about, I’m afraid.

I was attempting to create a Star Trek novel cover, using the correct dimensions and all (having been able to get hold of the font used on the Destiny series), and I was so impressed with what I managed to achieve, I immediately decided to use it and make up covers for the Typhon Pact miniseries coming next year.

Of course, as so often happens with the stuff I do on Photoshop, the first one was a triumph, but repeating the effects and the style again were more difficult that I imagined. Still, the others look pretty good.

Note that the titles, the assigned authors and the characters present are entirely of my own devising, and in no way represent the work or intentions of Pocket Books – although I won’t complain if my guesses turn out to be correct!

Book I – Galaxy in Flames by Keith R.A. DeCandido


This is the one I started out with, and was very pleased with – all of the composite images work really well with the colouring and the textures, and the Picard image stands out prominently.

I liked it so much that I created a solicitation cover for it as well (those temporary images you get in the Pocket Books catalogues and on Amazon in early pre-orders).

Book II – False Hopes by Christopher L. Bennett

Book II cover

I struggled with this one for a bit – finding the best Martok image took some time. It was at this point, based on my – unintentional – juxtaposition of Picard and the Scimitar hall in Galaxy in Flames, that I decided on a visual theme of the characters being juxtaposed with settings associated with another species.

Book III – Broken Promises by James Swallow


I was running out of ideas as to who to feature on the cover by now – Garak did have a small role in Destiny, and it might be that the limitations on revealing too much about the future of the DS9 relaunch may preclude any major appearances beyond the Aventine crew (of which, more momentarily), but I liked the image. I also went a bit “arty” on the First City panorama, throwing in a Brush Strokes effect that seems to work quite well.

Book IV – All Our Sorrows by Dayton Ward & Kevin Dilmore


And, taking the cue from what Margaret Clark said when the real series was announced, the Aventine appears on a cover :D. This one was the hardest of all – that damned Ki Baratan image just didn’t like the colour washes I chose for this cover, and then I had to modify the Ezri picture to reflect that she’s now command division and ranked Captain… It looks grubbier than the others, and I’m not as satisfied with it as the others, but it’s not bad.

And, finally, a montage of all four covers without titles.


I take no responsibility for people thinking these are the real deal – they’re definitely not! Anyway, hope they were enjoyed.

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The missing piece of the puzzle…

Posted by Michael Warren on February 12, 2009

2009novelmockupAfter what has felt like quite some time, a hole in the 2009 Trek literature schedule has been filled, as the novelization of the new Star Trek movie has finally been announced:

As the title of the link says, renowned author Alan Dean Foster will be adapting the movie for prose. It will be a trade paperback, and will be out at roughly the same time as the movie itself.

In a quick Photoshop session, I made the image at right to celebrate…


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Review – “To be regarded in his own age as a classic…”

Posted by Michael Warren on January 22, 2009

A Singular DestinySo, Destiny has reshaped the state of the Star Trek universe. And now, the ripples from that catastrophic trilogy are beginning to spread. A Singular Destiny is the first novel to explore this new horizon – and it sets the seeds for the next two years’ worth of stories.

Did it live up to expectations? Find out below…

Read the rest of this entry »

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Restructuring at the home of Trek Lit…

Posted by Michael Warren on December 5, 2008

So, I was hoping that the recommencement of this blog would result in happy news out of the gate – but, sadly, it seems not to be so.

Yesterday, it was announced that Simon & Schuster, they who own Pocket Books, the imprint that is responsible for the Star Trek novels, were laying off 35 members of staff. In the current economic situation, that isn’t terribly surprising. What was surprising was that amongst those being laid off was Marco Palmieri, senior editor of the media tie-in ranges in general, and Trek in particular.

Now, this to me is a huge blow – Marco was responsible for much of the innovative work coming out of Trek lit in the last few years: the Deep Space Nine relaunch, Titan, Vanguard, all were his responsibility, as were a large majority of the other Trek works, including the Myriad Universes series which I have expounded on in great detail in this very blog. He was the driving force that drove Trek lit to where it is today – innovative, powerful, risk-taking. I hope – well, in fact, I’m sure – that Margaret Clark, who now takes responsibility for the entire Trek line, and the authors will continue in this vein for some time to come.

Of course, principal concern in all of this is for Marco and his family. Being made redundant at any time is a pretty crappy experience – at Christmas is just nasty. Best wishes to him and to his, and a speedy return to employment.

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Star Trek: Destiny – A primer…

Posted by Michael Warren on August 24, 2008

With this eagerly anticipated trilogy due to hit the bookshelves in about a month’s time, it can be tough to figure out exactly what you need to know in order to follow the story. Whilst it isn’t necessary to go into Gods of Night with any knowledge of what has come before – any notes of importance with regards to continuity or history will almost certainly be included where needed by David Mack – here is a brief explanation of some of the most recent events in the Star Trek universe, with particular relevance to factors and characters that may play a role in Destiny

Note that this primer will contain spoilers for numerous novels, including minor “casting” spoilers for Destiny itself. External links to Memory Alpha and Memory Beta may also contain spoilers. Read the rest of this entry »

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