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In the 23rd Century…

Posted by Michael Warren on July 12, 2008

In the 23rd century...

In which our hero steps bravely into the light, and opens himself to public scrutiny…

So, an introductory post.

This blog is designed to hold my opinions on a wide range of subjects related to various fandoms – primarly Star Trek, but also comic books, Doctor Who, and whatever else comes into my head. I may also just babble on random subjects – it all depends.

I decided to create a separate blog for this, rather than using my LiveJournal account, simply because I felt that my LJ was more of a personal diary, and this was something different. I may crosspost posts that I make here to there anyway, but people who don’t want to read my moaning about life therefore don’t have to… 😉

The idea came to me in the bath – as ideas so often do – and I went ahead with it, rather than waiting a bit, and forgetting I ever had the idea – as so often happens.

You may notice that I like to write in a very odd way – rather formal-casual, to steal a term from the world of fashion. I apologise in advance if my turn of phrase occasionally jars… (See?)

So now… let us begin.



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