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Reaction – “The wait is over”

Posted by Michael Warren on May 8, 2009

OK, Star Trek instant reaction:

Bloody hell, that was good.

Near-instant reaction (i.e. having returned home afterwards) – with SPOILERS – below the cut.

Bloody hell, that was good!

Exciting, heartwarming, heartbreaking, epic, personal, and just outstanding.

The end of the first act had me nearly in tears.

I accepted everyone as the “new” versions of the characters.  I hope that the next film gives Cho, Yelchin and Simon Pegg more stuff to do – Pegg needs to be more than comic relief (although he did get a few “engineering genius” moments, particularly with the climax).

I’m quite happy with the Spock/Uhura romance – I think it’s a nice twist to the universe. I am less convinced about the destruction of Vulcan and the virtual wiping out of the Vulcan species.

The new Enterprise looks brilliant – there’s only one angle where she really looks poor. Sadly, that’s actually the angle we see her at for the very first time (when completed).

I am very tempted to go and see it again tomorrow…


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