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Enter The Archives…

Posted by Michael Warren on January 26, 2009

Star Trek Magazine - The Archives, Volume One coverStar Trek Magazine has been around for a very long time now. I’ve been collecting since issue 4, way back in 1995 (when it was Star Trek Monthly), and am responsible for creating the articles on the issues found at Memory Alpha.

Most of the older issues are extremely hard to come by now, particularly those that sold out back when they were first released (issue 2 and 3 were a particular bugbear for me), and I have quite a few single-issue gaps in my collection as a result. Plus, my collection is now 200 miles away as a result of my move, and so it’s not possible to go back and consult them for behind-the-scenes information and the like.

Fortunately, Titan Magazines (who publish the series) are releasing a CD-ROM Archives series in partnership with SCS Group. The first volume, covering the first 24 issues (dated March 1995-February 1997), is out now, priced at £19.99 for UK orders, $30 for US orders, and £24.99 for other countries (+P&P). The issues are fully-searchable and fully-printable – sadly, they do not include the comic strips that were featured in the early issues (licensing and such, I imagine), but you can always get them in the Complete Comic Book Collection 😀

You can purchase the first volume online at the SCS website.

I’ve already placed my order…


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