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Star Trek: Destiny – A primer…

Posted by Michael Warren on August 24, 2008

With this eagerly anticipated trilogy due to hit the bookshelves in about a month’s time, it can be tough to figure out exactly what you need to know in order to follow the story. Whilst it isn’t necessary to go into Gods of Night with any knowledge of what has come before – any notes of importance with regards to continuity or history will almost certainly be included where needed by David Mack – here is a brief explanation of some of the most recent events in the Star Trek universe, with particular relevance to factors and characters that may play a role in Destiny

Note that this primer will contain spoilers for numerous novels, including minor “casting” spoilers for Destiny itself. External links to Memory Alpha and Memory Beta may also contain spoilers.


Deep Space Nine relaunch

Of particular note for Destiny is the development of the character of Ezri Dax. During the events of Avatar, Ezri began to integrate the knowledge of Dax’s previous hosts with far greater ability than in the past, as she takes command of Defiant and defeats an attacking Jem’Hadar fighter. Her experiences lead her to switch to the command division, and take up the position of first officer aboard Defiant for its exploratory mission of the Gamma Quadrant, under Elias Vaughn. Her development as a command officer led her to explore the possibilities of transferring to a starship, perhaps one of the Luna-class ships scheduled to enter service in a few years time.


The following novels take place after the events of Star Trek Nemesis.

Death in Winter

The only events of consequence to take place in this (rather tedious, IMO) novel involve the rekindling of the relationship between Jean-Luc Picard and Beverly Crusher, and the continuing deterioration of the political situation on Romulus, following the Shinzon coup.

Taking Wing

Will Riker assumes command of the USS Titan, and takes the ship on its first mission – a diplomatic visit to Romulus, as the Empire struggles to recover from the events of Nemesis. Power-sharing talks are taking place amidst scheming from the various factions. Unexpectedly, the Remans make a move of their own, resulting in a Reman protectorate being established on one of Romulus’ smaller continents, overseen by the Klingons. Commander Donatra, refusing to support the new Praetor, Tal’aura, controls a large percentage of the Romulan fleet.


Articles of the Federation

Covering the entirety of the year 2380 (with events from following novels taking place in-between), the novel follows the administration of Federation President Nanietta Bacco. Amongst the events which may have consequences for Destiny include the splintering of the Romulan Empire, with Donatra seizing several crucial Romulan worlds and declaring herself Empress of the Imperial Romulan State; the Reman protectorate relocating to a planet in Klingon space which is later attacked by rogue Romulan factions, and the dismissal of Admiral William Ross.


Following the shattering events of Nemesis, the Enterprise is fully repaired, and prepared to head out on its first mission. The vessel has a new counselor, the Vulcan T’Lana, whist Picard has approached Worf to take up the role of first officer, but the Klingon, mindful of events in his recent past, declines the offer. Before the Enterprise can head out, however, Picard hears the voice of the Borg in his head. These Borg, more vicious than before, more sensitive to threats, are constructing an enormous vessel – a supercube – in an attempt to birth a new Queen and reestablish the Collective. Acting against orders from Admiral Janeway, Picard conceives a desperate plan to infilitrate the supercube and prevent the new Queen from being born. The plan is successful, and the supercube is disabled, but comes at the cost of the Enterprise‘s new helmsman and security chief. The events lead Worf to reconsider his decision, and accept the post of Enterprise first officer.


The Enterprise investigates Gorsach IX, a planet which seems to defy the laws of nature. This is revealed to be an artificial construct, designed as a test by an extradimensional race known only as Them, to determine the worthiness of the universe to survive. The events of this novel are largely erased from history, except in the memories of Picard and Worf. Of importance is the introduction of the new second officer, Miranda Kadohata, the new security chief, Zelik Leybenzon, and the new helm officer, Joanna Faur.

Before Dishonor

Kathryn Janeway travels to the disabled supercube aboard the science vessel USS Einstein. However, the cube is not as dead as first appears, as it ‘absorbs’ the Einstein, and turns Janeway into its new Queen. Having been warned of these events by Seven of Nine, the Enterprise is sent to form part of the defense fleet, but Picard instead orders the ship travel to a Federation museum world and retrieve the inactive Doomsday Machine. During this, several members of the Enterprise senior staff – Kadohata, Leybenzon, and T’Lana – attempt to relieve Picard of command and carry out their mission as ordered. The mutiny fails, resulting in increasing tension within the crew. After a devastating attack on the Sol system, where the Borg supercube ‘absorbs’ Pluto (yes, really…), Seven of Nine – having merged with the Doomsday Machine and introduced a virus into the Collective – succeeds in destroying the cube… at the cost of Janeway’s life.

Greater than the Sum

The assimilated USS Einstein reappears in a distant star cluster, attacking a Federation starship exploring the region. The Enterprise, recovering the only apparent survivor – a half-Vulcan named T’Ryssa Chen – is dispatched to eliminate the enemy ship before it can assimilate the quantum slipstream technology that the cluster (which turns out to be a single, sentient being) possesses.

In a brief reference, we learn that Ezri Dax has been assigned to the USS Aventine, a starship which is due to be fitted with an experimental quantum slipstream drive.

Resolving the mutiny issue from Before Dishonor, Leybenzon is transferred off Enterprise, T’Lana steps down from her role as counselor, and leaves the ship. Kadohata remains aboard, having shown genuine remorse for her role in what happened, and having been relieved of some of her duties (Picard recognising that an ordinary human cannot carry out all the responsibilities that Data had). Two new crewmembers – tactical officer Jasminder Choudhury and science officer Dina Elfiki – join the crew.

Picard considers starting a family with Beverly, whom he marries shortly before the start of the book. The developing Borg crisis leaves him in doubt as to whether it is right to bring a child into the world at the present time, but, after confronting some long-buried fears, he and Beverly eventually decide to proceed, and they conceive a child in late December.

A matter of weeks later (January 2381), a savage and vicious attack by the Borg on several outlying worlds leads to the shocking revelation that the Borg Collective has returned, and this time, their goal is not assimilation, but annihilation… and Jean-Luc Picard, Will Riker, Ezri Dax, and one other are about to discover their Destiny.

The story picks up in February 2381 with Destiny book 1, Gods of Night


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